Earls Barn


Private Client




£1 million

Ercle was approached in February 2019 to look at a site for three dwellings on the edge of the development boundary in Carkeel. The client tasked Ercle with maximising the land value while still respecting the surrounding context.

The scheme which is due to be submitted for detailed planning in April 2019 proposes three executive 4 bedroom homes. The dwellings are proposed as split-level dwellings that fall with the slope of the hillside and each benefit from a first-floor master suite with external balcony and sea views.

The buildings are proposed in traditional stone from the nearby Lantoom Quarry with projection in local slate. The main roofs are proposed as planted with local wild flower mix. This has been chosen over a traditional sedum as it will provide a more diverse habitat as well as providing a mix of colour all year around.