Elwell Road


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Ercle were approached by the client in 2015 to look at this tight site in Saltash.  The site which was occupied by a building with a varied history including acting as a Pentecostal church as well as a series of sheds and outbuildings.  The client had purchased the site with an existing permission for 2 dwellings on the site.  Trough careful negotiation with Cornwall Planning and the Saltash Town Council, Ercle were able to negotiate 4 detached dwelling on the land.  This was done through detailed studies to prove that overlooking and overshadowing did not occur and there was sufficient amenity space. The first of the four dwellings is actually a conversion and extension of the ecclesiastical building.  We lifted up one side of the existing pitched roof to make it asymmetric and then clad the building slate hanging and dark brick.  This has created a high design dwelling from what was a building near the end of its use. The remaining three dwellings have been designed to maximise the GDV of the site, with a material pallet that reflects this brief.  That said the developer has decided to move into the middle dwelling because of the quality of the space.

Elwell Road Site Plan
Elwell Road Site Plan

Drill hall house floor plan
Drill Hall House Floor Plan

Elwell road street scene
Street Scene

Elwell House floor plan
Elwell House Floor