Hemerdon Heights


Private Client





64 Hemerdon Heights is a unusual side extension to an existing dwelling. The client approached us with the desire to have a full size snooker table complete with competition run off space at home. The required space did not fit down the side of the property if the existing outside wall of the house was kept. The result was that the corner of the house was hung from steelwork that made up the structure of the new extension.

Externaly, the extension is clad entirely in black slates. This allows for a lcear delineation between the existing and the new insertion. The black slates are complemented by an oversized orange door which provides visual contrast. 

Ercle were responsible not only for the design of the built form but also the interior design and collaborated with a lighting designer to achieve the bespoke lighting solution.

Hemerdon Heights Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Hemerdon Heights Side View
Sectional View