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Ercle were approached late in 2016 to look at a very compact site in Lifton, Devon. The site had an existing permission, which did not make best use of the site. Ercle were challenged with increasing the quality of the dwellings and to increase the site value. The original permission allowed for 4 dwellings of a mixture of 2,3 and four bed dwellings. The approved permission allows for 5 dwellings which are all 3 and four bed dwellings. The additional dwelling was achieved to the front of the site providing a pair of semi-detached dwellings each with well proportioned amenity space. The additional space was found by reordering the access road and by grouping the parking. The site is now in construction and being realised by a father and son self-build team. They are making good progress and we expect them to bring the dwellings to the open market in the summer of 2018.

Lifton site plan
Lifton Site Plan