Trinity Lodge


Bunny Homes




£ 900 000

In August 2017 Ercle Architects were asked by Bunny Homes to look at the site of the Former Trinity School Nursery.  The School was selling the nursery as it was surplus to requirements. A previous scheme had been done by another firm of architects that showed a development of houses that were perpendicular to the main road and parallel to the existing houses down the road. This meant that none of the houses had sea views. 

By looking at the surrounding urban grain Ercle proposed to Teignbridge planning that it was reasonable for the dwellings to be turned through 90 degrees to reflect the historic built form of the area.  Working with the case officer we agreed that the proposed dwellings could be turned so that they had an opportunity for a sea view. Using our computer modelling package Ercle modelled the sea front and used LiDAR information to build up the built form between the site and the sea.  Ercle then proved that each of the dwellings would have a sea view, which guaranteed higher end sales values. 

The application went to committee with officer approval, but was unfortunately refused.  An appeal is currently being mounted.