Extra Large Projects

Extra Large projects are projects with construction values over £1 million.  These projects are normally undertaken for experienced developers, but we are also conversant with helping newer developers to make a leap into developing larger sites.  Our projects include complex conversions within a listed context as well as infill and greenfield development sites.  Like all of our projects we start from first principles to develop a scheme that maximises the value of the site.  This is achieved through a combination of density and design.  We will begin early in the appraisal of a site to work in 3 Dimensions in order to understand the opportunities that are available.  This will include a thorough interrogation of the site levels.  We have found that through early modelling of the levels in 3 Dimensions we are able to reduce the amount of soil taken from site and often are able to get more development on the site.  Following on from a detailed understanding of the levels and context we begin to look at making places and understanding how people might live on the site.  We test concepts by walking around early mass proposals in virtual reality and try to get a feel for the quality of the space. We will at this time also run early shadow studies to make sure that we maintain good quality of natural light.

From this stage the design moves forward through the stages of development often with the aid of public engagement and we work towards a quality proposal that achieves the developers goals as well as creating a community asset.