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Converting Offices to Dwellinghouses: A Guide to Utilizing Class O Prior Approval Right for 6-7 Derry’s Cross in Plymouth

Why Convert Offices to Dwellinghouses? The conversion of offices to dwellinghouses has become a popular trend in recent years. With changing work patterns and the demand for affordable housing, repurposing underutilized office space into residential dwellings can provide a win-win situation for property owners and the local community. Located in...

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Celebrating Planning Permission Approval for Two New Dwellinghouses in Cornwall

Trading Permitted Development Rights: Knocking Down and Rebuilding in Belle Vista, Bristol, Wraxhall

Converting a Bungalow to a Two-Storey House with Rear Extension in Failand, Bristol – Understanding Prior Approval and Permitted Development Rights

Approved Class Q in Torridge

Approval of 5 Class Q dwellings