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Some planning applications can be more difficult to navigate than others. Sometimes an ambitious design plan, a submission in a conservation area or additions to a listed building mean that the planning process is complicated. That’s where architects experienced in planning procedures come into their own.

Are you looking for planning services or a pre-planning architect practice? At Ercle we are highly experienced in navigating the planning stage and are well-versed in the rules and regulations involved in this vital process. We can help steer the whole planning permission procedure (including retrospective applications and appeals) and whatever else it takes to get your project out of the ground.

We work closely with the local authorities and can provide information and drawings in an approved and easily-understood format which means the decision time of local councils can be significantly reduced.

Planning Experts

Planning is a complicated and challenging process, success is very much reliant on providing the correct information in the appropriate formats and timescales. Working closely with planning teams, we have a tried and test planning application system which has been refined through our many years of experience.

We employ creative strategies to ensure permission is granted for even the most difficult and complex projects. Our planning services are managed by a team who are a dab hand at identifying potential development opportunities and we excel in taking on challenges posed by sensitive projects, big and small.

We’ve submitted hundreds of successful planning applications for clients and our reputation for planning success is just one of the many reasons our clients choose us to manage their planning applications time and time again.

Not all projects require planning permission, some builds can benefit from permitted development rights. With our industry knowledge and in-depth understanding of the planning process, we can guide you and advise on those occasions when planning isn’t required at all, saving you time and cost from the start.

If you would like to speak to our planning architects about your next project, please get in touch today and let us help you decipher the sometimes confusing world of planning jargon. We look forward to helping you build a better future.

As a multi-disciplined architecture practice with a deep understanding and a tailored approach to planning, we can successfully navigate even the most challenging application.

Other Services

  • 01Architecture

    We deliver beautifully functional contemporary properties with a focus on eco-friendly design which ensures longevity for future generations.

    We create buildings which are a joy to experience and which have a positive impact on people’s lives. Our designs are thoughtful and innovative, and we especially love challenging projects which fire our creativity.

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  • 02Sustainability

    Whether you need extra space at home or are developing a commercial site on a grand scale, we gently guide you through the entire process.

    We deliver innovative buildings that put the environment at the centre of design, incorporating intelligent energy saving solutions to meet the demands of each project and take pride in our sustainable methods of working.

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  • 03Passivhaus

    Passivhaus is so much more than just a world-leading energy efficiency and thermal performance indicator.

    It is a tried and tested solution which delivers a considered approach to architecture design and optimises buildings for maximum occupant health and wellbeing. We adopt a Passivhaus approach when we design our buildings, bringing low energy bills, constant fresh air, superior internal comfort and peaceful and quiet interiors to every property.

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  • 04BIM

    We embrace technology and are constantly striving to be at the forefront of new developments.

    Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to generate a 3D model of your property, means we can assess how it will look and function from the outset. This technology enables us to carefully analyse structure and form, ensuring potential mistakes are remedied before arriving on site. We can even link the model to a virtual reality headset to allow you to walk around your building virtually prior to build.

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  • 05Interior Design

    At Ercle we work holistically to ensure that the whole space works for you, interiors included.

    We believe that a property’s interior design goes hand-in-hand with the architecture itself and the two elements hold equal importance. Space planning, furniture and joinery designs, lighting design and interior finishings are all crucial aspects when creating buildings with character both inside and out. We offer a complete interior design service to ensure that the vision is able to continue through into the living spaces of your abode.

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  • 06Heritage

    We start with a deep understanding of a building’s heritage and interpret the historical context when redesigning listed buildings.

    We work sympathetically with the building to bring about a space which looks forwards whilst not forgetting its past. We love the challenge of incorporating modern insertions into a historical setting to show the clear definition between old and new.

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  • 07Visualisation

    Visualise your project

    A integral part of architecture is understanding the spaces we inhabit and by using computer generated models alongside virtual reality we can envision these spaces before they are even built. We can then in real time, alter the built form, testing choices and accurately seeing the results of these design changes

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