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Total Floor Area

508 SQM

The host dwelling Shortlands was one of the first dwellings in Penpol in Cornwall. When the original owner built the property in the early 1950’s, he had read that Redwood Cedars provided respiratory health benefits. Now 70+ years later, these majestic trees provide an exceptional setting for these two contemporary dwellings.

Ercle were approached by award winning developer Stephens + Stephens to look at maximising the development potential for their site overlooking Penpol Creek. The developer is well recognised for their contemporary luxury homes.

The proposal allows for 2 homes set within the surrounds of the mature Cedar trees. The site has numerous mature trees with tree protection orders, which have served both as a challenge and an opportunity.

Working with the landscape and the planting on site, Ercle have developed 2 luxury 5 bedroom dwellings with underground car park and games room. The dwellings both benefit from exceptional views over the creek and provide a truly desirable dwelling. Planning has been granted and construction will start on site in Autumn 2023.

Working on sites with complex tree protection orders (TPO) can prove a challenge for architects. Tree protection orders ensure that trees that are important to their surroundings in terms of species, maturity or amenity value are protected from being felled or pruned.

When a tree has a TPO it needs to be protected and respected during development work. Most councils keep an interactive map of trees with TPO’s and any perspective developer should make enquiries before they start work.

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