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Bella Vista



Total Floor Area

436 SQM

Belle Vista is a modern 420m2 new build replacement dwelling on the outskirts of Bristol. The dwelling is within a green belt as well as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The replacement dwelling is roughly 3 times the size of the host dwelling and has been achieved through careful negotiation with North Somerset Council.

Ercle were approached in 2021 by developer Redink Construction to look at the possible redevelopment of a bungalow outside development boundaries and located in the green belt. Redink challenged us to maximise the size of the development and to make architecturally interesting.

Using permitted development rights Ercle proved that there was a realistic fall-back position of extending the existing bungalow to both sides and to rear. Ercle also proved it would be possible to use permitted development rights to add another storey. This allowed for a total of 420m2 of development on the site.

Working with the topography of the site and maximising views out a design for a new dwelling was undertaken. From the road, the dwelling appears an unassuming bungalow and to the rear it reveals itself to be a substantial dwelling over three floors. This project will complete in summer 2023.

Floor Plans

In the UK most dwellings benefit from permitted development rights. This is the ability to undertake extensions and alterations without having to seek full planning permission. Permission is granted under prior notification.

On this project Ercle proved that the host dwelling could be extended and altered to using these rights to maximise the possible development. Typically in a greenbelt replacement dwellings can be a maximum of 25% larger than the host dwelling. Our in depth knowledge of permitted development rights is what unlocked the development value for this project.

“We challenged Ercle to design a contemporary dwelling that maximised the value of our site – by creating a truly unique dwelling. The result has more than met our expectations. We look forward to bringing this house to market in summer 2023. We are at early stages of working on our next project, and are looking forward to seeing what Ercle can do to top this development.”


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